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Flyfishusa.com (Welches, OR)
Fly H20 (Mexico)
Frontier Flies (Mexico)
Reel Expressions (Seattle)
Reel Women (Welches)
The Trust for Public Lands


For manufacturers, reeling in anglers on a new product can be tougher than landing a trophy fish. Fortunately for Troy Bachmann, his hand-tied commercial flies – widely regarded as the Tiffanies of the sport – had already reeled in 30 IGFA World Records (the angling world’s equivalent of a Best Picture Oscar). The problem was, clients and retailers didn’t know that Bachmann had sold his old company and started another. So while the product was the same, the brand name had changed. To bridge the gap, Lyla Foggia was recruited to help launch his new manufacturing entity, Fly H20, at the Fly Fishing Retailer World Trade Expo. As well as hooking the attention of every magazine editor in attendance, Foggia mounted a penetrating national campaign and penned much of the copy for the company’s new website.


When autobody shop manager Ken Sifferman contacted Lyla Foggia about making a big splash at ICAST (the largest sportfishing trade show in North America), who would have thought that car antennas in the shape of miniature fishing rods could become that year’s big catch-of-the-show product sensation. After all, it was just a novelty item being sold out of a small booth buried in the back of a massive exhibition hall. (The booth wasn’t even located near the bathrooms.) To Foggia, a fishing book author and veteran tradeshow promoter, the best way to bait the hook for fun-loving sportswriters was good old-fashioned humor. So with the client’s approval, the first line of the press release read: “It took a severely addicted angler to think this one up…” And it ended with an invitation to drop by the booth for a free sample to attach to the hood of their four-wheel-drive vehicles back home. The ploy worked. Sifferson was flooded with both interviews and orders. Six months later, a national retailer acquired REEL EXPRESSIONS, making Sifferman’s reel dream come true: toetire to his own private reservoir just outside his back door.


For years, The Fly Fishing Shop in Welches, Oregon, had mounted a free weekend long event in celebration of Spey fishing. And even though the event got bigger each year, few knew who was really behind it. It was time to put the spotlight where it belonged. The Fly Fishing Shop commissioned Foggia to mount the first-ever publicity campaign for its annual Sandy River Spey Clave — which snagged not only an 18-page cover spread and online video story in one of the sport’s most popular magazines, Fish & Fly, the event was featured in the popular periodical, American Angler, in numerous stories in Northwest newspapers

Read the SANDY RIVER SPEY CLAVE press release and media coverage

When Tami Ashcraft’s new book, RED SKY IN MOURNING, initially failed to make the bestseller lists, the publisher simply moved on. So the author enlisted Foggia to create a new wave of media interest for this harrowing account of how Ashcraft barely survived a hurricane that swept her fiancé overboard and left their sailboat barely afloat. With a new media kit and pitching program, the campaign was soon back on course with an invitation to appear on “Oprah,” an interview on NPR, and feature stories in major newspapers like the San Diego Union Tribune and Orange County Register.

Read the RED SKY IN MOURNING media Kit

Making it possible for us to hit the bulls-eye on behalf of clients is Foggia’s lifelong passion for the outdoors and protecting the environment. Her love for fly fishing in particular led to her landmark book, Reel Women. Based on two intensive years of research, Reel Women became the first-ever chronicle of how women had pioneered a place in the history of fishing (beginning 500 years ago) and was named one of the top 25 books on the sport (out of 2400 titles in print) by Field & Stream magazine, among other honors. And it received a tidal wave of publicity, including major features in the Wall Street Journal, Dallas Morning News, Houston Post, Houston Chronicle, Denver Post, Rocky Mountain News, San Diego Union-Tribune, Tampa Tribune, San Jose Mercury News and Orange County Register – as well as on television and NPR.

Read the REEL WOMEN book excerpt

More recently, Foggia was named “one of the important women in fly fishing” by Fly Life Magazine.com and featured in the year-long exhibit, “A Graceful Rise,” by the American Museum of Fly Fishing in Vermont.

Among other contributions to the sport, Foggia produced and edited the website, WomensFishingOnline.com, for the world’s largest sports portal at the time (Rivals.net).