Killer Press Releases

Examples of the hundreds of press releases crafted by Lyla Foggia. More available for viewing within each portfolio. Call 503-622-0232 to discuss your project.*

"Two puppies, nine kittens and a momma cat make it official: the Berkeley-East Bay Humane Society is back to saving lives"

RESULT: With this announcement, Berkeley Humane became the Bay Area's 'feel-good story' of the day, generating several hundred thousand dollars in immediate donations. Key coverage attached to press release above.

"The first software that lets you work the way you think"

Result: The Associated Press wrote a story that circled the globe within 24 hours, producing headline coverage in major media outlets throughout the world. Examples attached to press release above.

"It took a severely-addicted angler to think this one up: car radio antennas in the shape of fishing rods"

RESULT: When autobody shop manager Ken Sifferman contacted Foggia about making a big splash at ICAST (the largest sportfishing trade show in North America), who would have thought that car antennas in the shape of miniature fishing rods could become that year’s big catch-of-the-show product sensation. After all, it was just a novelty item being sold out of a small booth buried in the back of a massive exhibition hall. (The booth wasn’t even located near the bathrooms.) To Foggia, a fishing book author and veteran tradeshow promoter, the best way to bait the hook for fun-loving sportswriters was good old-fashioned humor (with the client's approval, of course. It worked. Sifferson was flooded with both interviews and orders. Six months later, a national retailer acquired REEL EXPRESSIONS, making Sifferman’s reel dream come true: to retire to his own private reservoir just outside his back door.

Portland Film Festival's ZOMBIE DAY takes over the Rose City!

RESULT: A bonanza of media coverage both before and during the Labor Day weekend, including television, radio, print and digital. See report attached to press releases.

"Largest public Spey casting event in North America to be held May 13-14"

RESULT: For years, The Fly Fishing Shop in Welches, Oregon, had mounted a free weekend-long event in celebration of Spey fishing, which originated in Scotland. And even though the event got bigger each year, few knew who was really behind it. The first-ever publicity campaign, mounted with this one press release, snagged not only an 18-page cover spread and online video story in one of the sport’s most popular magazines, Fish & Fly, the event was featured in the popular periodical, American Angler, and in numerous stories in Northwest newspapers. That's called reeling them in! Key coverage attached to downloadable press release above.

Portland to rock with new karaoke lounge in NW PDX!

"Chef Grégoire Jacquet opens SOCCA OVEN in Berkeley’s new Epicurious Garden"

RESULT: GRÉGOIRE's classically-trained former Ritz Carlton Executive Sous Chef Grégoire Jacquet re-invented high-end take-out in a mere 400-square foot restaurant around the corner from Alice Water’s landmark Chez Panisse restaurant — yet had gotten very little media attention for it. Foggia was invited to reposition the client with a comprehensive new media kit, then announce two new outlets. Mission accomplished: Gregoire received prominent coverage in the SAN FRANCISCO CHRONICLE | EAST BAY EXPRESS and Sunset, Diablo and Oakland magazines, KRON-TV’s “Bay Café,” and KQED-FM (NPR).

"California Symphony to rock with West Coast premiere of the ‘Dead Symphony’"

RESULT: Even though the previous World premiere of this significant new classical work on the East Coast had produced almost no media coverage, this press release ignited an avalanche of press in the Bay Area, including a front page story in the SAN JOSE MERCURY NEWS and multiple articles in the Bay Area News Group (circ. 750,000) plus DIABLO MAGAZINE | SAN FRANCISCO SENTINEL, among others. Both concerts were standing room only!

"New ‘Earthquake’ ballet to premiere on eve of 100th anniversary of 1906 San Francisco temblor"

RESULT: To commemorate the 100th anniversary of the 1906 San Francisco earthquake, Computers & Structures, Inc. – which produces the world’s leading software for designing man-made structures to withstand the extremes of nature – had commissioned a timeless new work from the Bay Area’s acclaimed Diablo Ballet to celebrate the extraordinary advances in earthquake engineering technology during the last century. Despite stiff competition from events throughout the Bay Area, the campaign ultimately scored interviews with Newsweek, NBC Nightly News, ABC Network News, MSNBC, PBS NewsHour, NPR, and San Francisco’s KPIX-TV and ABC7– as well as a full-page photo in the San Francisco Chronicle and more.

"Patrick Carmen’s riveting new book for young readers"

RESULT: Like a lot of self-published authors, Patrick Carman wanted to score a publishing contract with the majors. Foggia provided the positioning and key elements of the strategy that delivered over 350 school kids to a local Barnes & Noble. Within weeks, New York came calling with a long-term commitment from Scholastic Books. Carman’s first children’s title, Land of Elyon: The Dark Hills Divide, went on to spend six months on the New York Times bestseller list. Today, he’s one of the world's most successful authors in the genre.