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Welcome! Lyla Foggia has worked with numerous startups in packaging and promoting their breakthrough products and inventions. Call 503-622-0232 to discuss your project with her.


Ecliptic Enterprises (Space Systems Engineers | Pasadena)
Enfish (Pasadena)
Humetrix (San Diego)
NBOR Corporation (Oakland)
Netter Digital Entertainment (Los Angeles)
Soilweb (Northern California)
Titanic Expedition (Paris)


Foggia was recruited to handle the marketing on NBOR Corporation’s debut product release – a breakthrough new software called Blackspace.In conducting the research, she discovered that it had a great back story around which to build a campaign. First, it was the brainchild of a pioneer of the Synclavier II, which had revolutionized the music industry. Second, it had been in secret development for a decade, funded without the help of Silicon Valley angel investors (highly unusual).

Working closely with the Bay Area-based inventor, shr crafted the written publicity materials that would properly position the software’s cutting-edge functionality as a whole new way of using a computer. Then, with the debut scheduled for only weeks after the annual Mac World convention in San Francisco, she proceeded to leverage the fact that the nation’s top personal technology media would be in town to attend it. After booking a suite at the W Hotel in downtown San Francisco, Foggia then concentrated on getting key editors and reporters to it for private presentations. Not an easy task when no one has heard of the person or company behind a new product! The effort succeeded – with Walter Mossberg of the Wall Street Journal, Time magazine, Newsweek, USA Today, Wired magazine, and the Associated Press, among those joining them. At the end of one session, the reporter from AP put out a wire story that ran that same afternoon. Within 24 hours, the story had gone around the world – becoming one of the leading technology headlines of the day.

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Space may be the next frontier. But back on Earth, start-ups often find it hard to reach warp speed—even if they’re powered by stellar engineering credentials. When ECLIPTICS ENTERPRISES contacted Lyla Foggia, their mission of working with NASA and JPL contractors was just starting to take off. Plus, their patented revolutionary RocketCam digital camera system—often attached to Boeing and Lockheed rockets as a way of monitoring lift-offs – had a universe of marketing possibilities yet to be explored. Working closely with Ecliptic’s CEO, Foggia crafted a comprehensive media kit to properly position what they do, how they do it, and the credentials of the prominent engineers behind the company. Over the following year, she also produced and distributed a series of key press releases to aerospace editors spotlighting each launch in which a RocketCam was on board.

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HUMETRIX was about to release its breakthrough Netissimo Internet Smart Card Solution, which stored and automatically uploaded secure user IDs and passwords, on selected Compaq Presario computers. With the debut scheduled for the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Foggia created the company’s first media kit and pitched the product release campaign.

Read the Humetrix MEDIA KIT and PRESS RELEASE

When Netter Digital Entertainment (the producer of the acclaimed “Babylon 5” primetime sci-fi series) approached Foggia Public Relations, this 17-year-old company had mounted its initial public offering only months before. It was now critical to distinguish NDEI from the mass of independent production companies that orbit the entertainment industry in Los Angeles.

Through intensive interviews with the founders (of which Doug Netter had been second in command of the MGM Studios for five years), Foggia was able to uncover and present their unique DNA – which included such history-making technology breakthroughs as being the frontrunner of the all-virtual studio and the first to use desktop computers and off-the-shelf computers to produce what had been cost-prohibitive CGI special visual effects for television.

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