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"Dear Lyla, your talent, ideas and efforts helped to make "E.T. THE EXTRA-TERRESTRIAL" the most successful motion picture of all-time."

Producer Lynn Loring, “Mr. Mom"

"Dear Michael [Nathanson]: Just a note to tell you that Lyla Foggia is the best film publicist ever. I have never seen anybody more committed to making a film a hit and we are very lucky to have her."

Michael Nathanson (later head of MGM Studios)

"To Lyla, congratulations – I knew it all along"

Producer Michael Phillips

"Lyla, you are a lifesaver. Thanks for your masterful handling of “The Flamingo Kid.”



"What you and Sandi Serling did for "Babylon 5" was nothing short of a miracle."

Mary Kellogg-Josyln, Vice President of Production, Buena Vista Television

"Lyla, it’s important for you to know that the success we are experiencing with “LIVE With Regis and Kathie Lee” is in large part due to all of your hard work! Plus your many creative ideas! There is no way I could do the job I’m able to do without you as my right arm. You are the best and I am very lucky to have you as part of the team."

"WHAT A DIFFERENCE A COACH MAKES - Lyla Foggia, publicist extraordinaire" by Courtney Scott, director of "From Suffering to Satori":

"As a first time filmmaker, I encountered all the usual pitfalls, trials and tribulations of getting a film from conception to completion. When the film was in the can, I soon discovered there was another gigantic hurdle to leap. How to get the film seen and distributed to a wide network of festivals and movie goers. Enter Lyla Foggia. I met Lyla through her distribution meet-up event and quickly signed her on to lead me through the marketing morass. Thanks to Lyla's vast experience as a Hollywood publicist, I now know how critical key art is and how it, along with the logline, has to carry the message of the film in a way that moves people to want to buy a ticket to see it. Lyla guided me through every step of producing a media kit with all the components that help filmmakers get noticed by festivals and theater goers. To say she was invaluable to the process is an understatement. In addition to putting all the components of the media kit into a cohesive and very creative whole and carrying that over to a website that also does its part in selling the film, she helped me uncover what the essence of the film is, what the tone of it is. So that now my marketing efforts are spot on target and will give me the best chance of breaking through the bombardment of new films coming out every year. Making a film is one thing. Getting it seen is a very different one that requires a set of skills that I, like most filmmakers, do not have. Lyla not only has the skills, she is a tireless worker bee who makes sure the message conveyed about the film is one that has the absolute most impact it can have — one that will get the film into festivals — and sell tickets."

Book Reviews

Boston Globe

“Both an excellent writer and angler, Foggia gives us a book full of real people and compelling stories. Yes, it’s about women, but forget those shrill, politically correct tomes you might expect. It’s none of that. Just really first-rate outdoors writing.”

Chicago Tribune

“Lyla Foggia's informative, entertaining, beautifully packaged study not only shatters several long-held myths about women and fishing but also recommends the names of several "reel women" as "role models for the 1990s."

Buffalo News

“Reel Women is a keeper….A volume filled with delightful surprises…This is a fascinating read, regardless of your gender -- perhaps the most interesting fishing book of 1995.”

San Diego Union-Tribune

“Lyla Foggia’s research is exhaustive; she compressed the information and biographies for nearly 100 women into tight, readable sections...women will love it; men ought to read it.”